Battle Swedish State

For many years I tried to get the Swedish state’s top law enforcement agencies to comply with international law and Swedish law, but they have refused. Now I am providing an account of my battle with the Swedish State because I would like to pre-empt any untruths that the Swedish State or the mass media might possibly attempt to spread about me in connection with my “provocative” patent appli-cation and presentation. It’s sad but probably necessary. This account is quite a long one by necessity; after all it is not enough simply to state that the Swedish State’s legal system has violated the law and discriminated against me, and that the mass media have slandered me, without explaining this all in a little more detail and with proof. If you take the time to read my story, you will understand why I am taking this initiative, an initiative based on the motto that; “Attack is the best form of defence”.

The longest, most difficult battle of my life began in 1981 via my company CPO Telecom. A battle into which I was initially forced in order to protect my company CPO Telecom from serious criminal State competition, proven criminality exercised by the Swedish State’s telecoms monopoly of the time, Televerket.

I received neither a “medal” nor plaudits, nor did I receive any damages compensation, despite all the evidence and revelations of extreme criminality within the State. The documentary evidence is held by “The Swedish National Archives”. Serious crimes that were targeted at me personally, my company and crimes to a value of several billion Swedish kronor that hit the Swedish people over a period of five or six years.

When the State’s highest officials in the police, the public prosecutors, the tax authority, the courts, etc. felt threatened by my revelations of serious tax fraud, corruption, bribery, planting evidence and many other crimes within the State, they tried to put me, the messenger, in prison for having revealed this extensive criminality. The State’s representatives slandered me in public. The Swedish Tax Agency, which had allied itself with the criminal Televerket, started to investigate me, the notifier, but never investigated Televerket serious tax and bookkeeping crimes; see “The Swedish National Archives”.

With the support of the typical Swedish cronyism and criminality within the Swedish State, these senior legal experts instead systematically acquitted one another of their own crimes – in the end, no one was even investigated, far less prosecuted for these serious crimes.

After a tough battle lasting six years, I did, however, following several negotiations with the State’s appointed negotiators, including County Governor Ingvar Gullnäs, “force” the State to take the initiative to start dismantling its telecoms monopoly.

The loss of six years, the major costs for my battle in several different processes and my efforts to avoid being thrown into prison because I had reported the crime, meant that I lost what had been my very successful telecoms company.

A company that probably, given the growth of telecoms in the period 1980–2016, could have become worth billions.

Of course, after all that I wanted to just forget it and get on with my life, but…….! What I failed to understand, in my youthful naiveté, was that the executives of the State would take their revenge by continuing to slander me in State documents and to illegally harass, persecute, judge and discriminate against me – for the rest of my life.

The State has publicly and illegally slandered me in their publications. These insults represent the slander that has caused me most damage, as the mass media automatically latched onto this State slander. After all, the State has compromised my credibility.

Since 2009 the Swedish Tax Agency has even appointed a “hit-man”, who together with a selected group of officials within the Swedish Tax Agency is confiscating all of my property that they can access. My applications to the courts that this “hit-man” is constantly harassing me before the court, actively working against me in all contexts and appeals, a clear conflict of interest, are ignored by the courts.

The State’s courts continue to confiscate my property on a regular basis, to a value of many millions. They pass judgement without reference to law and/or in direct conflict with Swedish and international laws. Sweden must be one of few countries in the world where courts issue very tough punishments against the law, and without seeking support in law.

One of many examples: In the “judgement” by the Administrative Court of Appeal in Stockholm on 24 March 2005, which the Supreme Administrative Court recently upheld following an application for revision, I was “sentenced”, in breach of the law, to pay an amount of several million to the Swedish State.

Nowhere in the “judgement” does it state which law I have broken, or which law the courts have applied to “convict” me. As if this were not enough, in their judgement the Swedish Tax Agency and the courts deliberately chose only me, discriminated against me and sentenced me – only me – out of 2,200 shareholders in the register of shares!

You might ask why Sweden’s corrupt legal system leads the world? How can State executives and judges in Sweden break the law so blatantly?

The unique feature of Sweden is that it is virtually risk-free for the 1.3 million public employees, including judges, to commit crimes, even very serious crimes, criminal attacks against individual people, to crush families and companies.

Only 13 public employees were found guilty in Swedish courts in 2012 for the crime of misconduct. The State maintains that only 1 out of 100,000 employees have done something wrong!

For a public employee or a judge in Sweden, there is actually a much greater risk of dying in a road accident than being punished for the crime of professional misconduct.

In reality it is clear that the number should be something like 1,000 times higher, around 13,000 officials and judges, not 13, who should be found guilty every year of the crimes they commit on duty, crimes that crush individuals, families and companies.

It has now become “normal procedure” for the Swedish State and its courts to destroy and/or violate the lives of thousands of people and families every year.

Serious accusations, am I credible? Not just me, our best-known judge in the Supreme Court, Thomas Bull, says that legal protection for people and companies in Sweden is a legal scandal. See, for example, the article in; “Lag & Avtal” on 19 June 2014.

The behaviour of the Swedish State and its courts towards me since 1981 has been, and continues to be now in 2016, terrible.

The State’s legal system regularly behaves in a seriously criminal way, with illegal judgements and slander. Swedish governments and politicians, whatever their political orientation, with whom I have been in contact between the 1980s and today, could not care less about this corrupt legal system.

In Sweden there is an establishment, a political “upper class”, that regardless of opinion or serious State criminality always “reaches agreement”. This is known as “The Swedish Model”. In this “Swedish Model”, the State and the courts that are incorporated into the State have “reached agreement” that I shall, for the rest of my life, be punished for my revelations of the serious level of State criminality, and that the criminal State perpetrators shall not be punished.

Many mass media and journalists have, in the absence of their own critical examination of the State’s actions, latched on to and strongly reinforced the State’s public slander. The public slander from the mass media has naturally brought enhanced mockery and threats towards me, and made it much more difficult to found and run companies.

One of the biggest daily newspapers was so “inspired” by the State’s crimes against me that they sat down in the editorial room and wrote false accusations against me for the State’s legal system in order to produce a “juicy” article and have me sentenced to imprisonment. I was, however, able to uncover the fraud and received a million in damages from the newspaper          (I donated this money to the Children’s Cancer Association).

The evening newspapers, State TV and others put out the same kind of slander.

Sweden’s biggest evening newspaper, for example, went on the attack with a fierce smear article, on the front page with a full page spread inside the newspaper attacking my company Lap Power, me and my wife at the time. The newspaper was found guilty of slander unanimously by the jury. The judge ignored the jury and acquitted the newspaper. The newspaper might have been found guilty of slander in the court’s judgement, but the State’s judge acquitted the newspaper under the Freedom of the Press Act, stating that “it was in the public interest” to write an untrue and intentionally very slanderous article about my company Lap Power, my exwife and me.

It is of course difficult for anyone who has not suffered like this yet to understand how such State slander, which is uncritically reported by all the major national media, hits an individual and the family, to be mocked, spat upon and threatened on a daily basis in the media and on the street – unless you have experienced this yourself.

I respect and have a high regard for freedom of expression and freedom of the press in Sweden. The freedom of the press protects differences of opinion. The idea behind these freedoms is, however, not that they should be based on serious crime and slander. Great freedom also brings great responsibility towards anyone you pick out and/or slander.

There is a lack of judgement among journalists in the major Swedish mass media, at least among the few who are unable to understand this link. Unfortunately, serious journalists in Sweden fail to criticise their non-serious colleagues. In Sweden there are very many, honest and talented journalists.

Journalists in Sweden seem to accept any journalistic rotten eggs at all without criticism, with some kind of strange reference to journalistic freedom of the press and a collegial cohesion that is destructive for the freedom of the press. Journalists copy old, uncritical articles even if they contain serious slander.

Despite the Swedish State’s continuous serious crimes, illegal confiscation of multi-millions belonging to me, discrimination and slander, maybe I should be grateful, as they have not put me in prison – yet.

The Swedish State’s attacks hit people other than me. Here is one of many examples:

Sweden must be the only country in the world where the State, via seven different courts, and with the widespread support of the mass media, has convicted and sentenced one single man for eight separate, very different murders. Murders that were discovered over a period of 30 years. He was also convicted of murders that he could not possibly have committed.

This man was recently acquitted of all the murders, even though the State’s most senior legal expert, the Chancellor of Justice, actively, publicly and intensively attempted to prevent the acquittals. The man was acquitted thanks to a campaign lasting many years by one single, honest journalist.

The murderers of all eight victims remain at large!

Personally, I do not feel that I will ever obtain any redress from the State or the courts, as a self-examination by the State would be far too embarrassing and expensive for the State. The State would probably rather keep all the property they have stolen from me.

Life-long terror, systematically conducted by people in power, those who are supposed to protect me, is of course harder to live with than one single act of violence. You live in constant fear of what the State’s henchmen will think of tomorrow, or next year.

All you do know is that sooner or later something will happen. To be constantly worried, year after year, about new State violations, attacks, illegal thefts of millions, confiscations and discrimination by the State, and to know that you cannot get any help at all from the police, the courts, the Chancellors of Justice, the Parliamentary Ombudsman or the law, is to live in a constant state of terror.

Harsh words? No, not at all, compared with the way the State has treated me.

I am, however, making one more attempt in Sweden; I am founding HyMeAir as a Swedish company as I basically like a lot about the rest of Sweden. We now also live in a globalised world, and if it proves to be a mistake to establish HyMeAir in Sweden, HyMeAir will of course take the consequences.

I may still be naïve, but it is said that hope is the last thing a person loses. I hope that the Swedish political establishment clears out shameless people within the legal system and the courts, in other words that they make sure that the courts start to convict those thousands of people every year who commit all kinds of crime in their work, for professional misconduct. Because I do believe that most Swedes and all honourable public employees believe that there is no need to let criminal people in the public service continue to destroy, violate and insult Sweden and Sweden’s inhabitants.

Of course, it would also feel good if historical truths were to come to light and contribute to the benefit of my personal honour.

On the other hand there are many people in the world for whom things have been, and continue to be, much tougher than they have for me.

In other words, my experiences of the Swedish State, the mass media and large global companies have not been positive. In large companies, organisations and States there are unfortunately plenty of middle managers, senior officials and judges, who, without any ethical considerations, morals or compassion for other people, strive to achieve promotion. This is one of the reasons for HyMeAir presenting its new technology to you via Kickstarter.

If you, and many others around the world, contribute to the development of the invention and HyMeAirs project, we reduce the opportunities for irresponsible companies, organisations and States to profit in a dishonest way from HyMeAir and from this global energy project for a better future for everyone. Many people together become an honest force to be reckoned with.

HyMeAir has thus also declared, via Kickstarter, that we are only willing to collaborate with reasonably serious people, companies, organisations and States.

As a 73-year-old, I now wonder every now and then what else I could have come up with, achieved, if I had not had to spend so many years of my life in a fruitless battle for my human rights against the Swedish legal system? What could I have done if I had been able to keep a bit more of my property, my investment capital, instead of being robbed by the Swedish State’s shameless, criminal henchmen?


You must never give up, no matter how bleak things look. You are never too old to battle on, to try something new and to live your life. It is to a large extent you yourself who determines your future.

Goethe’s Faust: “No man deserves his freedom or his life who does not daily win them anew.”

Tryckfrihetsförordningen § 5 och 6. Denna skrift är även mångfaldigad och spridd I stor upplaga via fotokopia som utdelats fysisk av Claes Persson, tryckort Stockholm, 2016